Organizational Structure

The SGFP's organizational structure allows for a responsive representation from across the Province of Ontario. With an Executive Committee, Coordinating Team, Delegates and Working Group, the member organization works collaboratively to listen, advocate and meet the needs of its members. 

Coordinating Team

The governance and operational affairs of the SGFP are coordinated and supported by the SGFP Coordinating Team (CT). 

The CT contributes to the preparation of the Executive Committee meeting agendas, monitors financial performance of the Section, and advises the Executive Committee on emerging factors which may impact the Section.

In general, the CT does not undertake the operational work of the Section as that will be managed/addressed by the Working Groups, a limited number of Standing Committees, and staff/consultant support.


The 2022-2023 Coordinating Team are:

Dr. Mastrogiacomo Cathy District 11 Chair
Dr. Schieck David District 3 Past-Chair
Dr. Barber David District 7 Vice-Chair
Dr. Vujosevic Darija District 4 Treasurer
Dr. Abdulla Alykhan District 8 Officer
Dr. Vikesh Maraj District 1 Officer



Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) of the Section reports directly to the Section Chair and will provide
comprehensive strategic and operational planning, project management, support for policy
development, and support for strategic initiatives of the SGFP. The ED will:

• Attend SGFP Coordinating Team (CT) & Executive Committee meetings and prepare for
• Work closely with the Coordinating Team to establish meeting agendas based on
established Critical Outcomes of the Section.
• Work with the Primary Care Collaborative on joint advocacy for primary care.
• Be responsible for building and strengthening relationships with the Ministry of Health
and Ontario Health, and assisting the SGFP Executive with decision-making that will lead
to the most beneficial outcomes for SGFP members.
• Support the Section with navigating the Ontario Medical Association and compiling
formal submissions to OMA on behalf of the SGFP Executive.
• Make recommendations to the Coordinating Team and SGFP Executive Committee on
initiatives to pursue that have a high likelihood of bringing significant benefits to the
SGFP members.