SGFP Holiday Greetings and December Chair's Letter  (more)

SGFP Holiday Greetings

As we all prepare for some quality downtime with our family and friends for the holiday season, on behalf of the SGFP executive, I would like to extend my warmest holiday wishes to each and every one of you.

As a community office-based family physician, I am aware of the struggles and hardships you are all currently enduring. First, I would like to acknowledge the financial stress that you are feeling because of the rising costs of practice and an extremely discouraging PSA fee increase. Let’s be honest - it really feels like a decrease with all the extra unpaid work we are all dealing with now. Secondly, I know that we are trying our best to manage the backlog of services from the pandemic on top of the influx of all kinds of viral infections as well trying to get flu shots into arms on time. This has not been an easy time for our members. It does not help that we have a government and media blaming family doctors for not doing enough. The Ontario Health directive for physicians to work even harder by extending our clinics both in the evening and on weekends was the icing on the cake. Morale in family medicine has hit an all time low. Let’s hope for a better start to the New Year!

I would like to take a moment to recognize some of the recent SGFP successes:

- Virtual Care Townhall - Members had a chance to understand the PSA Virtual Care changes. Hear the recording.

- Transitioning to the FHO model Townhall - Members gained some clarity on the steps involved and the pros/cons of joining a FHO. Listen to the recording. Formal email with members resources and links to follow.

- SGFP Website - A place to share, connect and learn. Soft launch coming soon to all members.

- Downloading of Work to Family Medicine - SGFP surveys have clearly shown that the downloading of work from specialists to family medicine must change. Initial meetings with specialists have occurred, and work is underway to address this for our members.

- Improved relationship with our OMA - Together, we are working towards Primary Care Redesign and Payment Reform with our parent organization. Long overdue!

- Surveys, Surveys, and more Surveys - Members have had a chance to vent their concerns and help guide the work of the SGFP.

- SGFP Advocacy - Successful meetings with our MPPs on Queen’s Park Day where they heard firsthand our day-to-day struggles and how they could help family physicians.

Other News:
- Now I would like to take a moment to highlight what many members have been waiting for: The FFS Cap Limit changes and the Preventive Care Bonus changes are deferred until April 2024! Read the OMA announcement.

I recognize there is still a lot more to accomplish for our members. Please know that I am committed to our members’ needs!

Wishing you a safe and joyous holiday season,

Dr. Cathy Mastrogiacomo
Chair, SGFP

P.S. Please contribute to the SGFP discretionary dues. With your contributions we can continue to work on your behalf.

Posted: December 20, 2022 by Cathy Mastrogiacomo
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