Dr Cathy Mastrogiacomo contributes her thoughts about the future of health care in Ontario  (more)

Published in the OMR Fall Edition

The OMR asked representatives from the Ontario Medical Association’s medical sections to describe their hopes for the future of health care and how their practices are evolving to meet this vision. In response Dr Cathy Mastrogiacomo reflected the following ..

"..Family doctors are primary care specialists and the cornerstone of health-care teams. In the coming years, I hope that the one million Ontarians without a family doctor, and the 75 per cent of Ontarians excluded from government-funded Family Health Teams, gain access to a team-based family doctor. Family doctors require additional support by streamlining documentation, improving work-life balance, integrating seamless digital health and wellness tools, and receiving fair and equitable compensation for all facets of our work. If these hopes for sustainability are dashed, I predict an escalation of burnout and a continued exodus of family physicians from the profession.."

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Posted: October 15, 2022 by Cathy Mastrogiacomo
Tags: Future of Healthcare