Virtual care update  (more)

The OMA recently reached an agreement with the Ministry of Health on several issues related to unintended consequences from the implementation of the virtual care framework within the current Physician Services Agreement.

One key issue of the virtual care framework was around specialist- and GP- focused practice consultations. As of Dec. 1, 2022, specialist- and GP-focused practice physicians will continue to be able to offer virtual care to their patients without an in-person visit every 24 months, provided a new video consultation is rendered. This consultation will grant access to comprehensive virtual care codes for another 24 months. The OHIP schedule of benefits commentary will be amended to clarify that specialist- and GP-focused practice physicians may request a new referral for ongoing management of the patient to maintain an ongoing physician relationship.

Another focus of the agreement is based on the resolution of several key issues relating to addiction medicine. The ministry agreed that the uniqueness of addiction medicine services should allow section members to continue the way they currently deliver and bill services for virtual care.

While we are pleased with resolving several important issues relating to the virtual framework implementation, we recognize some unintended consequences remain that may impact members. The OMA will continue to monitor and discuss these issues through the bilateral Physician Services Committee.

Posted: November 04, 2022 by Cathy Mastrogiacomo
Tags: Virtual Care, Billing practices, Remote Consultation